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Bari and Michael

Michael & Bari

At the core of Moon Glow are Bari Roberts (Guitar & Vocals) and Michael Gaines (Bass & Vocals). They met over 20 years ago and sparks flew. The interest in their music styles differed. Bari was a folkie and Michael was transitioning from Classic Rock to Bebop Jazz. Both delved into each other's musical worlds. What came out of this hook up? Bari traded her folk guitar for an archtop. Michael hung his Fender Jazz Bass on the wall and took up the Upright Bass. They discovered common ground in the Great American Song Book, playing standards from an early days of jazz and ballroom dancing.
Together they took a dive into the musical community of the Monterey Bay, jam sessions and music camps. These experiences developed skills and relationships with a plethora of fine musicians. Together they make a solid rhythm section frosted with their vocals. Their performances with a variety of fine musicians provide a sweet ambiance for any occasion.

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