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Bari Roberts
Co-Leader, Guitar, Vocals

Bari Roberts, Co-Leader, Guitar and Vocals

When Bari met Michael, she began singing and playing guitar in the style of 20's and 30's Ballroom Dance Music and Standards. Thus began the Moon Glow Jazz Band. Bari swings on jazz guitar, while her sweet voice warms listener's hearts. Bari's intention when performing is to bring peace, joy, and love to her listeners. Her favorite performances have been sit down shows for seniors who grew up dancing to Ballroom Dance Standards, as well as for groups of dancers. She is currently taking vocal lessons from Miranda Pearl. In the past with Ann Brulee and the renowned vocalist Rebecca Kilgore. Bari is also a Certified as a Music Healing Therapist. Bari enjoys playing at the bedside to calm and comfort people. Bari also uses her music in her work as a Occupational Therapist working with families in nature.  Bari has played folk music as both a performer and sing a long leader for large groups of people.

Michael Gaines
Co-Leader, Bass,

Michael Gaines -Co Leader, Bass and Vocals

During High School, Michael played electric bass in rock bands, church bands and a Herb Albert Tijuana style brass band.  After a music hiatus of 2 decades, Michael came back and began studying electric bass with a Paul Henderson (aka Kiwi). Michael started up on the upright bass and his electric bass has been hanging on the wall ever since. He has studied with Dan Robins, Ray Drummond and is currently under tutelage of Stan Poplin. Michael met Bari, and together they formed Moon Glow Jazz Band. He has played with the MPC Big Band, the Del Monte Express Big Band, the Mary Ingram Trio, The Michelle Kiva Hawaiian Band and other local musicians. Michael's swinging bass lines get the joint jumping, and his swinging singing brings fun and energy to Moon Glow Jazz Band's music. Michael worked as a Certified Executive Chef at Pebble Beach & Company Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. Presently, he is retired and putting the majority of his focus on his musical journey.

Craig Jardstrom
Trombone, Cornet,
Lap Steel

Craig Jardstrom - Band Member

A native of the Monterey area, Craig went to southern California to study and played on ship cruises to the Caribbean, Alaska and Scandinavia.  

From the sea to the desert, for a time in Palm Springs before returning to Monterey.  Now he's happy to be home playing a variety of music around the bay. Craig is multi-talented and plays a variety of instruments and styles of music.  He adds a  nice touch to the band

Ben Herod
Sax, Clarinet, Flute

Ben Herod  - Band Member

Ben plays in different groups around town, like the Tree Top
Trio, Andrea's Fault and Suborbitals. He is a diverse player and is a master of many genres, but what we like about him is his laidback groove that goes so well with the music we play.

Jim Vanderzwaan
Drums and Percussion

Jim Vanderzwaan  - Band Member

Jim has set up his drum kit like no other drummer I have seen. He has combined Congas, Bongos with his traditional kit and boy does he get some amazing sounds. It reminds me when Nat King Cole buddy up with Jack “Mr. Bongo” Costanzo for that cool laid back sound. Jim does a variety of cool rhythms for our group and the dancers love moving to his rthymns.

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